La Ley del Infinito, poema por Lory Fayer

The Law of Infinity

Maybe the sparkles of every star
are tears of loneliness became fire
that only the eyes of the soul can see
in the nebular spyrals of a Galaxy
and the black holes without gleams
are sheltering all our broken dreams
that cry in the melancolic atmosheres
of the ethereal music of the spheres.

Maybe the comets are wandering
filling the void with their hollering
desperately looking for a small track
that might help them to come back
the shooting stars that cross the sky
a moment before they burst and die
are nothing else than falling angels
exiled from where armony dwells.

Maybe the attraction of the gravity
is the true ultimate Law of Infinity
to remind us that we are connected
to the Divine Breath that created
we look at the sky when we feel lost
searching for the invisible outpost
where we will return like a bride
when our essence will be purified.

Dedicated to and inspired by the mystical music of Sadaemon
Words Lory Fayer.

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