Lady Of The Portrait - SAÐÆMØN feat. Lory Fayer

Sadaemon en colaboración con la escritora Italiana Lory Fayer (Lírica y Voz) han realizado el tema "La Dama del Retrato" para el álbum compilatorio de música Neo-clásica y Etérea "A Dream Within A Dream" del sello: Do What Thou Wilt Records. Un homenaje al escritor Edgar Allan Poe. Y como tema principal el poema publicado en 1849. "Un sueño dentro de un sueño". ¡Se siente como una exploración entre dos mundos, lo real y lo imaginario! A través del poema, la vida mortal parece deslizarse como si la arena escapara por la mano que está tratando de retenerla. El tiempo es un reflejo de la vida que hemos vivido. ¡Como un sueño dentro de un sueño!

Lady of the Portrait

Nameless shy Lady of the Portrait
they finally won the allies forces
you couldn't be there for welcoming
to hail them as heroes for winning
this victory for you came too late
war claimed a death toll to your fate
leaving astonishment on your face
paralysing you before a last embrace

Who was your waiting for my sweet Lady
what has astonished your eyes so shady
for who was your weak attempt to smile
to forget all that horror for a little while
tears when you don't see him returning
while around you the town was burning
on the walls still resound your screams
as a sudden blast stole all your dreams

Poor Lady how much fear in your eyes
bombs fell mercilessly from the skies
try to stretch your look beyond this hell
to the Place where all the angels dwell
follow the sun that goes down at west
It will lead you where your soul can rest
time washed away the blood and pain
children are playing in the streets again.

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