Montañas por Lory Fayer


There is a place where peace is dwelling
and the truth speaks with the wind yelling
to the braves that have suceeded to climb
among naked rocks that don't fear the time.

There is a place where wisdom is preserved
to be disclosed to those who have deserved
to who has never stopped to look at the sky
to the hearts that still long to reach the high.

There is a place where empiness is so full
close to the sun that is shining hopefull
while the world below becomes so small 
face to the wide immensity of the of the All.

There is a magic place where my soul flies
above the chaos, the illusions and the lies
toward the answer to an eternal question
where the silence is talking about Heaven.

There is a bridge between Earth and stars
to see the eternity that soon will be of ours
where greed won't find anything to steal
it's like a promise able to comfort and heal.

There are peaks like the steps of a ladder 
leading to a dimension freed from matter
it's the source of the knowledge fountains
the reason why Wises live in the Mountains.

Words by Lory Fayer ©
Inspired and dedicated to SAÐÆMØN
Mountains - Album MareMagnum (2014)

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