Alquimista- Sadaemon ft. Camilla Sombrio

You can turn the darkness into light
like the moon brightens up the night
my insight succeeds to fulfil the duty
to see the portrait of your inner beauty
you can turn apathy into enthusiasm
because sometimes miracles happen
like a blossom sprouting in the desert
to heal all the memories that still hurt
you can turn disenchantment into hope
be the guide of my steps that grope
like a boat approaching my shoreline
to bring me where my eyes can shine
you can turn my sadness into a smile
and give a home to my heart in exile
you remind me that feelings can exist
also the love that for so long I missed
you can turn my death wish into life
becoming the strength I need to strife
like a new dawn disclosing the horizon
or the warmth after the winter season
you can turn my dreams into reality
like the knight came to set them free
to save me from this today so hollow
and became the story of my tomorrow.

Créditos: Voz por Camilla Sombrio. Líricas por Lory Fayer ©
Música compuesta por SAÐÆMØN ©

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